What our customers are saying about Country Energy Solutions!


Mike from NH says:   My wife and I recently had a Windspire installed by Country Energy Solutions - Rob at Country Energy made the installation process simple.  We are now making electricity, reducing our carbon footprint and making a statement about our commitment towards reducing our dependency on foreign energy through the use of renewable energy.  Plus, the federal tax credit and New Hampshire renewable energy initiative significantly reduce the total cost.  If these things are important to you, I recommend you give Country Energy Solutions a call and talk to Rob about the Windspire.  PS.:  Our Windspire has generated a lot of positive interest in the neighborhood, the Windspire is almost artistic looking and runs very quietly.  We've even had several passersby come to the door and ask "what is that? ".

Bob from MA says:  My windspire looks like art in my back yard, but I know it is producing energy everyday the wind blows.