Hydrogen-The Fuel for Transportation!

Engines operating with the EPOCH EP-C100 & EP-C50 Dual Fuel HHybrid® Fuel Systems realize these important benefits:
  • Complete combustion reduces air pollution and increases fuel efficiency,results include increased horsepower and More Miles per Gallon!
  • Reduces fuel cost about 15-20%.
    -When used with diesel, bio-diesel or gasoline engines, a significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions can be realized. The system gets its power from the original battery with the alternator’s extra power providing the electricity for the system; oxy-hydrogen fuel is delivered into the engine air intake system.
  • Fuel is made on-demand. The oxy-hydrogen fuel is produced on-demand using soft, clean water.

  Features and Components:

  • Stainless steel exterior for water tank, main unit and hoses. Corrosion resistant for long life.
  • Built-in polarity reversalswitching (changes on each power off). Proven to greatly extend electrolysis plate life; causes cells to self-clean and remain free of surface contamination.
  • Integrated gas leak detector,over-pressure, low water (etc.)
  • For 12/24 Volts D.C.
  • Flooded cell design for maximum efficiency, gas production and minimum heat. Provides for self-circulating electrolyte; more energy efficient. Integrated D.C. pump to maximize gas production and reduce heat up to 50%.
  • Optional low power heating blanket(or similar component) is in development for sub-zero operations. Essential for use in extremely cold environments; has automatic temperature controlled switch wired directly to vehicle power source.  
  • Full system drain. Integrated full system drain for clean, safe maintenance.
  • Dual-State Chamber. Primary stage is always on (for idle), secondary stage turns on when needed (to provide more effective gas production).